Now on Amazon Prime Video:  'Good Chemistry' and 'It! People'

Both titles went up on Amazon Prime earlier this year. It's nice to have 'It! People' widely available to the public, and extremely gratifying for platforms to continue requesting 'Good Chemistry'.  We're nearly ten years out on that one and it looks like we're achieving a certain cult status! -October 16, 2017

The 'Benjamin Von Wong Underwater River' shoot went live a few weeks ago.  This was a spectacularly unique underwater stunt piece in which I got put my freediving skills to good use as a Chinese cormant fisherman... except everything was done 100' underwater above a layer of toxic sludge!  Truly otherworldly and the shoot of a lifetime.  It was used as part of a Ballantine's Whiskey campaign. -July 28, 2015

UPDATE:  After a successful subscription run with we decided to make the show freely available on Vimeo ( and YouTube (

UPDATE:  Show has been picked up for distribution by  Available on Roku and internet. -Oct 17, 2013

UPDATE: Trailer is now live! -Sept 15, 2013

I play Mick McCray, a once famous 80's child actor who has fallen off the wagon so many times it's no longer even news.  I created and wrote the series, and besides playing one of the leads, produced season one with director Geoffrey Plitt.  Episodes are each about 5 minutes long, and we're just starting to shop it around town.  We were so busy getting eight episodes finished we haven't made a trailer yet, but stay tuned as we'll have one up soon!  -Aug 15, 2013


Great news for 'Good Chemistry'

 Shot in 2004 and first released in 2008 by Warner Bros, I wrote, produced, and starred in this suspense thriller about a high school chemistry teacher whose act of kindness goes horribly wrong.  Now, five years later 'Good Chemistry' is getting a second release with a major cable outlet:  Epix has picked up the film for late 2013.  For some years now we've been a presence on Netflix, Bigstar.TV, Indieflix, and a handful of foreign territories, but this is a lovely bonus for what began as super16mm labor of love.   Click here to visit official site.  -Feb 22, 2013 

Growing up is hard, especially if you're a zombie.


And it's harder still if you're a HUMAN student at HIGH SCHOOL FOR ZOMBIES.  We're two episodes deep in season one of this half-hour comedy by producers Angela Heckman and Joe Ranoia.  I play John, the son of the principal, and token human student in a very, very progressive educational institution.   -Oct 18, 2012

Nail House

Just wrapped shooting on a Roger Mende feature.  In this action drama, I play an ambitious property developer at odds with his genius younger brother.  This one is currently in post-production.  -Sept 18, 2012 


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Transhuman future?

An epic movie demands an equally epic proof concept, so director Ryan Miller set about creating just that...  I am thrilled to be part of this exploration, and the trailer is now live.  Click here to visit his production blog.  -Oct 6, 2011

Mad Fan

What happens when pop culture obsession invades a modern office?  Find out in 'Mad Fan', a short film I did with writer/director Carrick Bartle.  -Oct 17, 2010